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Modern Trenchfare

A playfully, vicious third person shooter game where players play as gophers and rabbits and try to literally undermine each other. Players will be able to dig downward into tunnels in TDM and CTF type games where players try to steal the other team's prized vegetables.

Controls - Xbox

LT= Fire

RT= Dig

A= Jump

X= Attack


Devon Richardson - Director, Sounds, Modeling

Karan Bhakta- Programmer

Michael Osborne - Programmer

Johnathon Clark- Level Design, Modeling

Emanuel Medina- Character Design (Gopher), Modeling

Pablo Molina- Character Design (Rabbit)

Noel Espinoza- Modeling

Zack Gibbs- Modeling

Austin Boley- UI Design, 2D Art

Luis Garcia- Modeling, Animation

Gerardo Contreras - Modeling

Multi- "The Era of War"- Music


ModernTrenchfare.zip 390 MB

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